Guardianship Packages

All-Star Guardianship is a comprehensive & tailored guardianship service to ensure that your child is happy, settled and receiving the support they deserve whilst attending boarding school or university in the UK. We have 3 guardianship packages available Gold-Star, Super-Star & All-Star, all offering a range of services to best meet your family requirements. What remains consistent across all service packages is a genuine interest in your child's safety, wellbeing and holistic progress. We also offer additional services here.

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  • 24/7 emergency contact service for students, parents, schools and host family
  • Arranging emergency medical care where necessary
  • Completion of school/university guardianship form
  • Assistance with entry documents i.e. visa applications

£225 / term

  • Everything in the Gold-Star package
  • School visit each term to check on your child's holistic progress and wellbeing
  • All school parent-teacher meetings attended
  • Visit reports to parents/carers
  • Support & assistance with academic subject choices
  • Sourcing of suitable host family/accommodation based on family requirements
  • Arranging of host family for all leave-out, half terms & any other accommodation outside of school
  • Regular contact with child whilst at host family/accommodation & extra support as necessary to ensure child is happy and settled
  • Managing arrangement of transfers from school to host family and back
  • Invoicing & admin for all services & expenses

£2395 / year

star 3.png
  • Everything in the Gold-Star & Super-Star packages.
  • Regular contact with school staff as needed throughout the year
  • Regular informal checkins with child via WhatsApp 
  • Supporting the child's Educational Action Plan
  • Sourcing extra provisions i.e English Language & revision courses
  • Extra visit per term for a local outing or activity per term i.e. restaurant, shopping, cinema, local trip
  • Assistance with school needs, i.e. uniform, sports equipment, stationary
  • Assistance in booking of train & plane tickets
  • A tailored coaching session - can be done online or face-to-face -sessions can include study skills, exam preparation, emotional support, problem solving and building resilience
  • Sourcing & arranging appropriate holiday courses
  • Arranging university open day visits
  • Assisting in the arrangements for family member visits to the UK
  • Arranging child's extra needs arising i.e birthday celebration requests

£4775 / year

 Additional services:  
  • Accompanying family and/or child to a mainland UK school visit/entrance exam or interview
  • Assistance in choosing a UK boarding school + visit to school on your behalf
  • Face-to-face consultancy meeting to talk through your requirements and agree next steps (currently available in mainland UK and Moscow, Russia). If you are based in another location, we can discuss how best to accommodate a face-to-face meeting.
  • Assistance with entry documents i.e. visa applications
  • Emergency cover for UK based parents travelling away needing an in-country, on-call solution for an emergency. 
  • Please contact us if you require any other services not mentioned

All additional services charged separately to guardianship packages with no obligation