All-Star Guardianship provides a number of services to International Students starting or continuing study in the UK. See here some of our services. Click on each one to find out more.

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Who is this for?

Boarding school University students

3 packages available from simple emergency reassurance to comprehensive, holistic support & guidance.

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Who is this for?

Any student/young person needing a host family for short term stays

Bespoke service tailored to individual requirements. All-Star Guardianship will source, check and meet host families on your behalf.


Who is this for?

Students needing long term/term 
time accommodation.

Currently operating in the Midlands working with Kings International Ballet Academy. 

 Additional services:  
  • Accompanying family and/or child to a mainland UK school visit/entrance exam or interview
  • Assistance in choosing a UK boarding school + visit to school on your behalf
  • Face-to-face consultancy meeting to talk through your requirements and agree next steps (currently available in mainland UK and Moscow, Russia). If you are based in another location, we can discuss how best to accommodate a face-to-face meeting.
  • Assistance with entry documents i.e. visa applications
  • Emergency cover for UK based parents travelling away needing an in-country, on-call solution for an emergency. 
  • Please contact us if you require any other services not mentioned

All additional services charged separately to guardianship packages with no obligation

Where are we?

We service schools and universities all across mainland UK. All-Star Guardianship is based in the heart of the Midlands and within 1 hour of some of the UKs most popular and prestigious boarding schools - see map below.